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SCL Türkiye has been officially founded  in 2020 in accordance with Turkish Law by six "Founding Members" consisting of leading professionals in the field of construction law and is currently run by 7 board members.


To promote the education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects in Turkey and overseas.


Conducting research in order to activate and develop its practice;

Promoting, organizing and attending conferences, seminars, exhibitions, courses, lectures, social events and similar projects;

Instigating research and studies and working parties, obtaining information on all aspects of construction law and technology and publishing the useful results thereof;

Publishing or communicating by any desirable and effective means information relating to construction law, and all matters relating thereto;

Establishing relationships, association and liaison with other persons and other bodies both inside Türkiye and overseas with similar or related objects and exchanging information and studies and results concerning all matters relating thereto;

Facilitating the giving of advisory legal advice and assistance and representation to Members or other persons upon such basis or terms and may be authorised from time to time by the Council;

Collecting subscriptions, donations and grants and other moneys relevant or incidental to the Object of the Society and disbursing or transferring such moneys.

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