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Member Benefits

  • SCL Türkiye offers access for its members to informative articles and papers published by its members, at no additional cost, as well as the ability to publish papers.

  • SCL Türkiye hosts regular meetings where our members will have the opportunity to enhance their professional relationships.

  • Our members will be updated with important news related to Construction Law.

  • Our members are entitled to discounted admission to the events, conferences, courses, lectures organised by the Society.

Please note that these benefits apply to members of SCL Türkiye only, and not to members of our sister Societies.

Membership Fees

  • According to our Constitution, the joining fee is TRY 2000 to be paid once only at the time of application for membership and the annual subscription fee for the members is TRY 2000. (The entrance fee and annual subscription fee is expected to be paid by the end of the month following acceptance of membership.

  • Annual subscription fee for the existing members is TRY 2000. Annual subscription fee is expected to be paid by the end of January, 2024.

Student Membership

  • As a result of the Society’s educational purposes, we are offering a special membership for the students interested in Construction Law provided that they submit their student certificate officially issued by their University. Student Members are exempted from payment of annual subscription fee but not allowed to take part in execution of the Society by voting at the General Assembly Meeting.

Apply for Membership


Society of Construction Law Türkiye is aiming to extend its multi-disciplinary membership.

To apply for SCL Turkey Membership, we invite you to fill-in the application form below and send it to enclosing a brief motivation letter whereby you may express your serious interest, work experience and/or studies relevant to Construction Law.

For all kind of information request, including membership requests and questions about membership, please send us an email via:

Below you may download membership application form.

After your application is considered, we will inform you on the payment process of the joining fee.

Please note that the approval of membership is at the sole discretion of SCL Türkiye’s Board of Directors.

If you would like to actively participate to the progress of SCL Türkiye, we kindly ask our prospective members to list three committees they would like to join (starting with their most-preferred committee) from the list below in their letters of intent attached to the application form.

Our Board will be assigning the members to the committees in line with their preference, background and total number of existing/prospective members in the relevant committee.

The list of our current planned committees are as follows:

1) Liaison Committee

2) Publishing Committee (Academic and Guideline Papers)

3) Event Committee

4) Training Committee

5) International Regulation and Translation Committee

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