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yasemin cetinel.jpg

Yasemin Cetinel

President | Lawyer

Yasemin Cetinel is the founding partner of Cetinel Law Firm, in Istanbul specialized in international construction law...


Idil Bozoglu

Vice President | Lawyer

Idil Bozoglu is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. She completed her master’s degree in ...

Tuba Karakuş_foto.jpg

Tuba Karakus

Board Member | Architect

Tuba Karakuş is an architect holding an MSc degree from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. She has 19 years of experience...

Ekrem kaya.jpg

Ekrem Kaya

Vice President | Civil Engineer

Ekrem is a widely experienced civil engineer with 23 years of construction industry experience...

başar şahin.jpg

Basar Sahin

Treasurer | Civil Engineer

Mr. Sahin is a civil engineer with a law degree and arbitration qualifications. He has held contract, commercial and project...


Sercan Kulaksizogullari

Secretary General | Civil Engineer

Mr. Kulaksızoğulları holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University and a master’s degree in ...

Muhammet Bembeyaz.JPG

Muhammet Bembeyaz

Board Member | Lawyer

Muhammet Bembeyaz is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. He is a licensed attorney at law registered to ...

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